Hardcore Henry (Review)

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Hardcore Henry is an action film that's shot entirely from a first-person perspective. For staff member Chris's birthday party this year, we all went to see it. Hardcore Henry seems to the first action movie of it's kind, a film that's shot entirely in first person. Even though the format is undeniably cool and fueled with action with some comedy thrown in, those don't really make up for the fact that the movie doesn't actually have a plot.

The film's first person perspective is awesome. It feels like you're playing a video game. An extremely gory video game. The action is absolutely incredible. Sharlto Copley steals the show as Jimmy. His character was absolutely hilarious. Throughout the film, you constantly keep wondering "How the hell does he keep coming back? He died like a scene ago"! Once he shows you his initial invention, you think to yourself "That's awesome". The final battle between Akan and Henry once again brings back the video game feeling. Akan, while mostly a generic action flick villain, abilities were pretty cool. The film can also be humorous at times, mainly through Jimmy, the film's ending cracked all of us up.

The main problem with the film is that, there's essentially no plot aside from Henry having to save his wife and stop the bad guy. The film is mainly Henry and Jimmy fighting off Akan's goons. This is a massive problem, up the point where the first person perspective excitement kind of wears off. This isn't  exactly a bad thing but the film is definitely not for the weak stomach. If you hate gore, and also get motion sickness very easily, you might want to stay away from this film at all costs. I said earlier, Akan is your generic action flick villain that's just slightly above average.

Hardcore Henry has a great idea and great action but isn't enough to make up for film's missing plot, which stops it from being a great movie. I can't say I was disappointed by Hardcore Henry, because I got what I expected, a first person action flick. I just wish there was more in the plot department to solidify the film.


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